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Hi there!

Hello Hello! 

Let's get to know each other!

I'm an enneagram 8 and a Taurus, so a double whammy on determination and protection. 

My comfort shows are The Office and New Girl.

I spend most of my free time with my Pit Bull, Maggie (who you have most likely seen on my social media).

I have a huge fear of heights, but if you tell me there's an amazing view, I'll be climbing the rocks.

My favorite part of every wedding day is the time we share during couples portraits. I love to see to see your vibrant connection with one another on the most beautiful day of your lives.

Did we just become best friends? 
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We've all stumbled upon the wedding videography corner of YouTube and cried (slightly hardcore sobbed) to some beautiful love stories.

I often found myself on that corner of YouTube more and more, and I soon came to realize I had a passion for creating photographs that encompass a couple's love story in the most passionate way possible. 

Most people don't believe this, but I had only attended one wedding before solo shooting my first one! I felt so overwhelmed, but that emotion did not altar the excitement I felt as I spent the entire day celebrating such a joyful love story.

From that moment, I knew my heart was meant to create work that tells a love story.


Whether you're wanting a National Park elopement or a traditional chapel wedding,

I'm your girl & I'm beyond ready to create magic with you!

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